Yeghegnadzor Medical Center CJSC

Phone number: (+374) 281 2 48 03
Address: 1 Vayq street, Yeghegnadzor, Vayots Dzor region, AM
Employees: 171
Legal type: Closed Joint Stock Company
Temporary Responsible Director:
Asatryan Karen 

Yeghegnadzor MC's doctor Karen Asatryan

TR Director – Dr. Asatryan Karen 

“Yeghegnadzor” Medical Center CJSC has medical care, out-medical and polyclinic services. Out-Medical service includes both primary health care, and narrow professional care. It provides free medical care to the population listed in special groups in need. The first-aid is provided free of charge.

The population under service is 14312 people. “Yeghegnadzor Medical Center” CJSC Polyclinic serves residents of Yeghegnadzor region: Yeghegnadzor, Gladzor, Vernashen, Getap, Agarakadzor and Gnishik rural communities. Health-care posts are located in villages. Medical Center’s address is: Vayk 1 str., Yeghegnadzor, Vayots Dzor region, RA.

The clinic performs clinical and biochemical analysis. Moreover, it has electrocardiography, therapeutic, pediatric, psychiatric, endocrinologic, gynecological, cardiac, thoracic-throat, therapeutic physical therapy services. Tuberculosis department is operating too in MC. Since 2010, the Quality Improvement System has been implemented.

The Medical services are provided by surgical, therapeutic-pediatric, pediatric-gynecological deparments and it is available to the entire population of Yeghegnadzor region. There are 45 places (beds) in the medical center. The average number of patients per year is 1133 patients, with an average of 225 births. Planned and urgent surgical, ophthalmologic, nostalgia and obstetrics and gynecological interventions are carried out. Yeghegnadzor Medical Center performs 2nd level births, which is births from high-risk pregnancy. Due to our professional staff, center properly organizes both mother and newborn care, also care for pathological deviations. Hospital care is implemented both on the state order and in co-payment principle (in case of urgent conditions and gynecological diseases), and on a paid basis.